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Hi, I can’t find MECHanics anymore. The world needs this game although only two people know it does.

Hello! I'm sorry, I need to be better about checking comments on my games. I took that game down because I thought it needed some polish, but I am hoping to have it up again soon and am happy to send you a copy in the meantime.


A horror game built on a grim secret, An Orb centers around the story of a group of murderous automata hunting their prey in some baleful hellscape. The strength of An Orb lies in its bleak  characterization—despite being nearly perfect killing machines, the Orbs are plague with fragments of memory. How would an inhuman construct handle human emotion? Do you suppress your malfunctions and pursue your prey, or peer inward to where the memories lie? Dream and purpose collide, and there is no happy ending. Be warned, only the GM should read the entirety of the rules!