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You are an ORB, a perfect killing machine. You are designed to hunt down and execute the enemy as efficiently as possible. You are merciless, emotionless, and utterly devoid of empathy.

Except. Lately something has been happening to you. You recognize a detail on your optical scanners—a sound, an object, a pattern of cracks in the pavement—and it echoes through your architecture. Your processor fixates on strange, foreign scenarios. You can delve deeper into this phenomenon, but beware: When your strength is built on force, vulnerability can be fatal.

AN ORB is a micro horror roleplaying game for 2-4 people, including a GM. You’ll play the role of ORBS, hunting your prey as you explore or resist the strange changes happening to you.

Written for #SadMechJam

Content warning: A playthrough of this game will likely include discussion of death, trauma, loss, body horror, and consent (in a non-sexual context).

Logo by louis999/André P. Meyer-Vitali


AN ORB—Dark.pdf 83 kB
AN ORB—Light.pdf 83 kB
AN ORB.txt 5 kB

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