Travel space, explore faraway planets, and see wonders in your starship. A Twine adaptation of Alone Among the Stars by Takuma Okada

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AuthorAdam Roy
GenreRole Playing
TagsSci-fi, Space


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Fun game I liked it.


I’m also looking forward to a downloadable version for playing on Twine mobile.

A separate question, are all the responses saved anywhere? It would be kind of cool to see the other discoveries other players have made. 


Defenitely wish I could download it to run on Twine.


Hey! I'm in the early stages of creating a downloadable version. Stay tuned!

I will give the same review I gave on IFDB. 5/5

At the most basic level this game is a journal simulator. You are given an object or place and are supposed to write about it. The game puts you in the shoes of a lone space explorer, and asks you to role play and improvise to fill up a log with your own imagination. It reminds me of the games I used to play as a small kid. with just my pencil, paper, and mind. I could play any game, from drawing two stick-man bunkers and having them wage war or a big tree with people slowly carving out a home into it, while trying to survive on an alien planet. This game goes to show that you don't need fancy graphics, or a pre-made story to have fun. all you need is that childlike imagination and a medium to imprint your story onto.


This is a beautiful implementation, thanks for working on this.

I would love to translate it to Spanish; hit me up if you are interested, so we can talk about it (:


I'd love that! Just let me know what you need—you can DM me on Twitter @adnroy.


Great, I will!

Did you manage to translate it? I was wondering the same. This game should be translated into Spanish.I'd gladly help (I'm Mexican).