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Hey, thanks for making this game! An artist friend and I played it a couple days ago, and though we kind of failed in the 'make a quick and simple drawing' aspect (as artists are wont to do), we absolutely loved the narrative experience of collaborative storytelling, and compiled our work into a little 'zine.

Moss Creeps is a two page, multiplayer rpg about showing the slow shift of nature over the course of a century. You take turns drawing natural scenes set in a forest glen until you've chronicled 100 years of time.

The framework is nice, and the tone is somehow both relaxed and daunting. Players may want to be comfortable with drawing, as a lot of the game is riffing off of the stuff the person before you drew, but it's completely playable even if drawing is a thing you struggle with (i.e. if you're me.)

There isn't necessarily a grand narrative (unless you introduce one,) but the game is pretty adaptable to different genres. You could use it to show the growth and change in a city, in a alley, on the back of a kaiju, or anywhere that'll persist in mostly the same state for a hundred years.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes world-building games, who likes nature games, or who really wants to flesh out a particular piece of a setting. I think Moss Creeps is an exceptional game for doing all of those things.


Thanks for the kind words, Kumada1. I *love* the idea of playing this game on the back of a kaiju!