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You didn’t see the battle. But now, right in front of you, you see the story of it, written in twisted metal, scarred polymer, and leaking fluids. As you and your maintenance crew fan out to assess the damage, you begin to see hints of the struggle that this machine and its pilot survived—or didn’t.

You knew this mission was going to be dangerous. But you couldn’t have expected that it would push you this far. Now, as your plan begins to fall apart around you, you grip the controls of your mech with sweating hands and obsessively turn a memory around in your head. It could be your lifeline—or it could drag you down permanently.

MECHAnics is a cooperative role-playing game for two players that unfolds in parallel across two timelines. One of you will play the Mechanic, uncovering hints about a harrowing mission as you repair a damaged mech. The other will play the Pilot, who reveals the story of the person at the center of that mission, and how they and their machine arrived at their ultimate fate.

The machines we use every day aren’t just wires and dead steel. They’re the most honest diaries of our lives: In their form, function, and wear-and-tear, we see a reflection of our dreams, fears, and daily habits. The battle scars on a mech’s hull are a mirror to the battle scars its pilot carries in their heart.

Written for #sadmechjam


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